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Forus Health: Winner 2012 (Technology for Development)

Forus Health develops affordable technology solutions to make healthcare accessible to the BOP. The Company's core focus is preventing eye diseases among the underserved consumers through '3nethra', a low-cost portable pre-screening ophthalmology device. In 2012, Sankalp nominated Forus Health to the CNBC TV18 Samsung Innovation Quotient (SIQ) where the Company was selected as the winner from a pool of 100+ innovations. Forus received USD 10,000 as cash prize and an exclusive coverage on the Indian national television.

Since receiving the Sankalp Award, Forus has successfully raised an investment of USD 4.6 million from IDG Ventures India and Accel Partners. Forus installed over 30 '3nethra' devices in India. Many of these were installed in leading ophthalmology institutions. It is now working towards building cloud-based data centres which will connect doctors with patients in remote locations in India.