Our Company


Corporate Principles 

At Intellecap, we conduct all our work and business activities in accordance with six Corporate Principles. These guiding Principles are: 

  • Maximize impact at the BOP.
  • Provide consistently high quality services to Clients.
  • Utilize and maintain global standards of best practices and knowledge.
  • Foster a collaborative work environment with appropriate career and professional development opportunities.
  • Manage growth for profitability and create realizable value for our shareholders.

Corporate Values – The ‘Four Firsts’ 

Complementing our Corporate Principles, our work is guided by four Corporate Values that we call our ‘Four Firsts’. Each one of these Values should be taken to be of utmost importance always and none must be sacrificed for another. Thus, each one of them must be taken into account ‘First’ in everything we do.

Intelligence and Knowledge First

We constantly strive to achieve deep knowledge and subject matter expertise in our Practice Areas and Focus Sectors. We seek to be a thought leader delivering intelligent, creative solutions to our Clients.

Clients First

We provide our Services to benefit Clients working to create impact at the BOP. We therefore strive to create high quality outputs and deliverables at all times and under all circumstances. We always seek to put the interests of our Clients before our own.

Character First

We strive to operate at the highest standards of professional and personal character, as individuals and teams.  There is never a good time to compromise on ethical or integrity issues, and we adhere to this value in all our decisions and activities.

Teamwork First

Every individual within the firm has his or her responsibility based on their skills and experience, but everyone must also work in teams. Team interests are always above individual interests in how we operate internally and serve our Clients.